What Are the Different Kinds of Landing Pages?

It might be a little intimidating because there are so many different kinds of landing pages. How do you decide which to use when? In light of this, let’s go over the various sorts of landing pages and see how you can utilize them to raise conversion rates.

Squeeze Landing Page

Obtaining the user’s email address is the aim of a squeeze page. These pages may include gated material or a request for your email address in order to get a newsletter, e-book, or other content offer. Another common component of a conventional squeeze page is appointment scheduling for open house inspections or consultations. The CTA on your squeeze page has to be compelling enough to persuade site visitors to submit their email addresses, so make sure it is clear and easy to understand. A straightforward text sits next to an attractive Dialog box where clients can enter their information if you look at our sample above. It’s simple and straightforward, concentrating all emphasis on the e-book.

Splash Landing Page

Typically, the main goal of these kinds of landing pages isn’t lead generation. A splash page is commonly displayed instead of the homepage when someone clicks on a social networking or content link, for instance. Splash pages are frequently used to promote events like conferences, sales, and other types of events. It may also be used to ask a visitor’s age or preferred language before granting access to the site.

Lead Generation Landing Page

While a squeeze page just collects a little amount of information, a lead generating page collects considerably more. These landing pages capture information from site visitors such as their name, email address, business name, job title, and industry. Typically, this is decided by your sales and marketing teams’ overall goals, as well as the customer’s location in the funnel.

Video Landing Page

The major feature of this form of landing page, as the name indicates, is a video. Because there aren’t any play/pause controls, at least not until they get to a certain point, site visitors are more or less forced to watch it. Make sure the text on this page adequately promotes your offer for it to be sold if you want it to be effective. To that aim, some types of video perform better than others on landing pages.

The four primary types of videos are as follows:

  • Explainers: They give straightforward answers to how your services fulfil the demands of your clients.
  • Promo videos, like teaser trailers, give viewers a taste of what they may anticipate if they complete out the given form.
  • Product demos: These films show how your product operates in action to highlight its worth.
  • Video testimonials: Having pleased consumers and previous clients testify about the value of your service or product gives your company credibility.
Click-Through Landing Page

Users are persuaded to visit the conversion focus page via a click-through landing page, which provides a thorough summary of an offer. Click-through pages, for example, usually link to a lead capture or sales driving page. These kinds of landing pages are great for earning customer confidence and increasing traffic.