Facebook Ads in Malaysia

ChamRun Digital, being one of Malaysia’s leading digital marketing companies, develops a variety of Facebook advertising to advertise your brand and execute your digital marketing campaigns.

Photo Ads on Facebook

With such a variety of settings and capabilities, Image Ads seem to be the most prominent ad on Facebook. ChamRun Digital can also design outstanding and attractive posters for your company advertisements. Tap underneath to browse our advertising portfolio and request a complimentary digital marketing consultation.

Video Ads on Facebook

Because videos provide more information to your customers, Facebook Video Ads are the ideal option for promoting your business. Our video creators can assist you in producing a world-class video that meets your requirements for a successful advertisement.

Slideshow Ads on Facebook

You might use many photographs in a post advert to provide your ad visitors additional data regarding your services. Chamrun Digital can assist you in having a profitable Social media marketing campaign. We’ve accomplished it in Malaysia and 15 other nations for a variety of businesses.
Facebook poll ads Example

Mobile-Only Ads on Facebook (Poll Ads)

To encourage commercial ad visitors to vote for your services, run a polling ad on Facebook. Chamrun digital may be able to provide you with such a variety of innovative methods for attracting Facebook users.

Lead advertisements on Facebook

Lead generation is one of the most effective ways to obtain consumer information in the digital marketing environment. Then we assist you in converting leads to actual clients and achieving your advertising objectives. Facebook Lead Ads are the most effective way to reach out to potential consumers.
Mahsa University Facebook lead generation ad by ChamRun Digital

Carousel advertisements on Facebook

We can help you design a fantastic Facebook carousel ad. We have highly – skilled designers on staff that can produce stunning banners and graphics for your Facebook carousel ad.

Advertisements on Facebook Messenger

Messenger advertisements are an excellent area to market your company and services since Facebook users utilise the Facebook messenger to communicate with their friends on a daily basis. Chamrun Digital can assist you in becoming the best in this type of Facebook ad by providing you with a variety of unique ideas.

Advertisements on Facebook Stories

Nearly everyday, one billion Stories are posted throughout the Facebook app family (Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp). Facebook Ad stories are both quick and useful. ChamRun Digital can assist you in running efficient Facebook storey advertisements to help you grow your brand and achieve your objectives.

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