Marketing Automation In Malaysia

We assist in automating your business’s marketing tasks such as email blast, social media and reporting to increase business operations efficiency and grow revenue faster.

You Need Marketing Automation

How much time would you save with automating your entire marketing process that rakes in a positive revenue year after year as you utilise your time for more important matters? Marketing automation is what you need.

Marketing Database Of Your Customers

We create a central marketing database of your current and new customers and enquiries, an engagement marketing engine as well as analytics tools to analyse your clients and their preference and behaviours.
Marketing Automation

How We Do It ?

At ChamRun Digital, we provide holistic and integrated digital marketing automation which includes email marketing, creating landing pages, campaign management, lead management, Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) integration, and social media marketing as well as marketing analytics and reporting for your business.

Generate Leads

We build targeted lists, execute campaigns, and measure email & website users’ behaviours & activities. Then we segment, based on activity and score leads, route qualified leads to your CRM (sales funnel), move warm leads to the nurture cycle, and finally analyse marketing and sales performance for your business.

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