Design Landing Page in Malaysia

ChamRun Digital has created over 100 landing pages for both local and international clients throughout Malaysia. Landing pages are an essential lead generating tool in the digital marketing landscape to hook your potential clients into future conversions.

What is a landing page?

A post-click landing page is a standalone web page, separate from the navigation of a website, intended solely to persuade a visitor to act (to sign up, buy, download, etc.). Generally this is driven by strong optimization of the landing pages.

The Best Landing Page Conversion Rate

Garner the best conversion rate with a high converting landing page that encourages user to perform one action at a time solely within the page

We Create SEO Friendly Landing Page

Our landing pages are equipped with SEO so that your site may organically appear on top of Google’s search engine

How do We create a landing page?

We use Instapage or WordPress to create a unique, high speed landing page with a strong call to action for all your services displayed

How long does it take to build a Landing Page?

It takes about 7 working days to collect information, plan the right flow, design and build a high performing landing page

How much does it cost to have a landing page created?

The cost of Landing Pages starts from 1000 Ringgit. However it’s up to your requirement and number of pages you need to improve your business.

Boost your Digital Marketing result

Having a landing page allows for a streamlined page with attractive content that draws your users into converting leads
Having a landing page allows for a streamlined page with attractive content that draws your users into converting leads

Driving Traffic to Landing Pages

We can create different types of traffic ads whether it’s on Google or Facebook catering to your business’s needs to target the right audience for your landing page

Follow new trends in Landing Page Design

Our landing page strategies are up to date with current trends and layouts garnering the attention of your users

Landing Page Example

We've created lots of landing pages for all industries in Malaysia and other 15 countries. Check some of landing page examples.
One of our digital solution is a listing software that we built for Malaysia Health and Beauty industry.

All You Need To Know About The Landing Pages

To learn more about landing pages please read this article. We discuss about landing pages, What is a Landing Page and Why Every Promotion Needs Its Own Landing Page and lead generation through Landing Pages.

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