TikTok Ads in Malaysia

Being one of the leading digital marketing companies in Malaysia, ChamRun Digital offers a variety of TikTok Ads to showcase your brand and execute your advertising campaigns. TikTok is a multimedia platform that allows users to render short films in a wide range of genres, such as dance and comedy, that last anywhere from fifteen seconds to three minutes.

Are TikTok commercials appropriate for all types of businesses?

Although TikTok is appropriate as with numerous businesses, not all firms will be successful utilising it. It’s designed for companies who want to reach out to a broad, effective way to reach. The median social media engagement on TikTok is 29%. It’s also worth noting as 90 percent of TikTok users are using the app many times each day and spend an estimated 52 minutes each day on it. As a result, TikTok is the most effective channel for interactive content.

1. In-Feed Advertisements on TikTok

TikTok In-feed advertising are video advertisements that appear within the born and bred news feed as viewers navigate throughout all their “For You Page.” They complement the TikTok feed wonderfully. Users may easily keep scrolling it as a result of this. Creating an appealing comprehensive in-feed ad would prevent visitors from ignoring it. TikTok advertising videos may be liked, commented on, shared, and interacted with using In-feed adverts.

2. Conquest Ads for TikTok

TikTok Brand invasion commercials appear as quickly as the user accesses the TikTok app and takes over through the display for a few seconds before switching to an In-feed video ad. They also appear as still photos, videos, or GIFS with embedded urls to TikTok sites on the “For You Page.” Because the advertising appears next to the intended demographic, it is excellent for raising knowledge and going to increase purchases.

3. Ads on TikTok with the most number of views

High viewed advertising on TikTok are comparable to corporate buyouts. Top perspective advertising, on the other hand, doesn’t really dominate the entire screen as immediately as the user logged in. Within 3 seconds, they occupied the very first In-feed post. It displays up to 60 seconds of original clip with audio and auto-play. Branding tends to boost awareness of the brand.
A further prominent TikTok commercial is the tagged hashtag. It entails inviting consumers to record themself doing stuff associated with the business, like dancing, and then sharing it with a certain hashtag. The advertisements appear at the top of the search results page. Users may access TikTok webpages and a selection of many other TikTox videos from that very same hashtag challenging task by clicking on the hashtags. TikTok hashtag contests promote brand visibility and interaction.

5. Ads for TikTok Branded Vfx

Businesses may use TikTok branded effects to start creating an ad according to their own bespoke filtration system on the app. The ad can be shown for up to ten days at a time. It’s a terrific and entertaining method for customers to interact with your company.

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