Gmail Ads in Malaysia

ChamRun Digital as one of the best digital marketing company in Malaysia creates Gmail Ads to promote your business and run your digital marketing campaigns.

As with any display-type marketing campaign, the key to running successful Gmail ads is to pick the right audience. You have three different ways to target your ideal audience with Gmail ads.

Keyword targeting

Keyword targeting allows you to target people based on their interest in certain words or phrases. There are a lot of ways you can use this, but one effective strategy is to target your competition’s branded keywords — especially if you are in an industry with big-name brands.

Audience targeting

With audience targeting, you target an audience that you have already built out in your account. The most obvious use of this is your remarketing audience to expand the scope of your remarketing.

Another, sneakier way to use audience targeting is to upload your existing email list and use similar audiences to expand the scope and size of your list. In effect, this is almost an artificial way to expand your email list and reach thousands-to-millions of potential new customers.

Demographic targeting

Although demographic targeting often gets overlooked in display advertising campaigns, it can actually be the secret sauce that makes your Gmail ads really sing. For most businesses, your ideal audience isn’t “anyone who uses the keyword ‘prescription lenses’” or even “anyone who visits our website.” It’s people who convert. As a result, it doesn’t make sense to run Gmail ads to 65-plus-year-old women if the people who convert on your site are primarily 25 to 34-year-old men.

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