What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation assists businesses in identifying new clients and automating the nurturing of those leads until they are ready to be sold to. This automates processes that get clients to the stage where they’ll be engaged effectively by the sales department with the goal of making a transaction and beginning a long-term relationship, and the data it collects can inform your marketing approaches.

Marketing automation does this by dramatically increasing the productivity of your sales funnel, allowing you to swiftly convert a large number of leads into satisfied customers using a variety of approaches.

Early within the lead-nurturing cycle, for instance, education and awareness may be the most important role. Marketing automation may provide valuable material that builds trust and respect for your business, allowing prospects to comprehend what they’re getting fast and effortlessly. Whenever prospective customers have whittled down the sorts of things they’re engaged in, you may reach out with customized content that’s especially geared to the groups who can help your business expand. Finally, when activity recorded by the marketing automation system signals even more concentrated interest, a qualifying, thorough, and well-understood lead is immediately forwarded to the salesperson.

What makes marketing automation so beneficial?

Lead generation is a crucial stage in every company’s development. Your team will have more time to focus on strategic plans and engage the leads that show actual potential by automating numerous phases in the approach from marketing to sales. That implies more customers and prospects.

Marketing automation may also provide you with a more thorough view of potential clients’ behavior. Marketing automation software may assist your marketing team in understanding a prospect’s preferences and where they’re at purchase lifecycle by using behavioral tracking strategies such as tracing a user’s trip across your website. They may then tailor any further adaptation to those additional actions.

Take, for example, a buyer who is reading about a large area of items. This might imply that they are in the early stages of the buying process, studying and comparing options while putting together a shortlist. If they download white papers on a certain topic later, it might signal that they have narrowed their attention and are ready to be reached by a salesman.

Using data from several touchpoints such as website visits and downloads, social network activity, and direct marketing, prospects may be automatically scored, qualified, and prioritized. This can then be used to fuel broader marketing initiatives, such as:

  • Marketing messaging using triggers
  • to keep attention infrequent “drip-feed” emails tailored emails
  • Messages on Facebook or Twitter

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    Marketing Automation In Malaysia

    We assist in automating your business’s marketing tasks such as email blast, social media and reporting to increase business operations efficiency and grow revenue faster.

    You Need Marketing Automation

    How much time would you save with automating your entire marketing process that rakes in a positive revenue year after year as you utilise your time for more important matters? Marketing automation is what you need.

    Marketing Database Of Your Customers

    We create a central marketing database of your current and new customers and enquiries, an engagement marketing engine as well as analytics tools to analyse your clients and their preference and behaviours.
    Marketing Automation

    How We Do It ?

    At ChamRun Digital, we provide holistic and integrated digital marketing automation which includes email marketing, creating landing pages, campaign management, lead management, Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) integration, and social media marketing as well as marketing analytics and reporting for your business.

    Generate Leads

    We build targeted lists, execute campaigns, and measure email & website users’ behaviours & activities. Then we segment, based on activity and score leads, route qualified leads to your CRM (sales funnel), move warm leads to the nurture cycle, and finally analyse marketing and sales performance for your business.

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