How to Improve Your Conversion Rate with a Great UX

The websites of today’s marketing managers are seldom satisfactory. There is always opportunity for improvement, whether usability or conversions are the problem. Raise your hand if you’re pleased with how your site converts when I ask the audience during a presentation at a conference. No one ever raises their hand, either.

Every day, digital capabilities advance more quickly. With more content available, it is sense that marketers would go for an ok website. They can lack the tools necessary to carry out efficient testing and implement significant, well-informed changes.

Here are some other actions you may do to begin creating a fantastic user experience:

Determine What Works for Your Users

Look into what your visitors find appealing and what they find undesirable about your website. Heat maps, user polling, and user videos are just a few of the tools available on the market that may be utilized to show you how people are interacting with your website. Internal favorite Hotjar is the basis on which my team and I develop our testing techniques. By analyzing this data, you may see what aspects of your website are most popular with users based on their behavior. Currently undergoing a redesign? You may use tools to test how users will react to your designs before publishing them.

Simplify the Checkout Procedure

You don’t want the buying process to be drawn out if you work in ecommerce, especially around the holidays. Do your clients keep up their user momentum after they reach the checkout stage? How open are you in letting customers know about shipping charges, taxes, and other details before they begin the checkout process? Do not be shocked if customers leave their carts unattended if your procedure takes too long.

Make use of videos

Reading typically requires more time and effort than listening to or seeing anything. People are time-constrained and, as was already mentioned, easily distracted. Profit from users that wish to interact with websites on the move. Instead of forcing them to scroll and read throughout their morning commute, give them something quick and entertaining to watch. In fact, a poll found that 79% of buyers prefer product informational films to plain text.

Your website needs a strong user experience since consumers are more mobile than ever and have access to more stuff online. A strong UX is mostly determined by usability and high-quality content, but don’t overlook more minute details like your checkout procedure and the availability of videos. By putting all of these elements into practice, you can keep consumers coming back for more.