Google Display Ads in Malaysia

The Google Display Network is indeed the Internet’s broadest contextual ad network presently. Discover about using a number of targeting approaches to run ads on online sites in factors that influence a diverse variety of people all over the world.

Why use display advertising?

The Google Display Network (GDN) is the world ‘s biggest advertising network, allowing advertisers to place banner advertisements, video commercials, and text ads on more than 2 million websites worldwide, and also on Google’s corporate assets such as YouTube and Gmail.

It attracts an approximate 90% of all internet users and contributes for 20% of all Google Ads traffic. Even as the network increases, these numbers will continue to rise, therefore it’s critical that advertisers comprehend how to maximize the utilization of Display Advertising to showcase their businesses to targeted audiences throughout the web.

Types of display ads

According to its name, the display network allows for a range of ad forms, including text, video, and the ubiquitous picture adverts that can be found all over the internet. Different ad kinds allow for different targeting and text styles to be combined. This creates the ideal conditions for driving relevant traffic, conversions, and income.

  • Text ads –You may run the same text advertisements on display as you might on the search network using the GDN.
  • Image ads – A dynamic picture that fills the full ad block on the page on which it displays. On image advertisements, you may use unique pictures, layouts, and colors.
  • Video ads – Since YouTube joined the Display Network, video advertisements have grown in popularity. Video content may now be used in advertising throughout the display network.

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