Chamrun Digital Appointed By UOA Hospitality To Implement Digital Marketing Strategy For Komune Living & Komune & Komune Living & Wellness

Appointed as a Digital Marketing Consultant, Chamrun Digital has been working closely with Komune Living, a brand under UOA Hospitality that promotes co-living and co-working accommodations.

As Komune Living started to introduce the culture of co-living in Malaysia, which is relatively new, they wanted to spread more awareness and gain more digital presence to promote their top-notch services and facilities.

Chamrun Digital has provided several digital marketing services that have helped Komune Living to gain brand awareness and recognition all over the country. Among the services Chamrun Digital has provided are, creating a landing page for traffic campaigns and also allowing easy booking for the users. The landing page has successfully promoted short-term and long-term staying in Komune Living property in Bangsar South.

 some samples and performance of the campaigns

Besides, Chamrun Digital has also implemented digital marketing campaigns using Google Search, Google Display, YouTube Ads, Facebook, and Instagram ads to promote these unique services in Bangsar South. Traffic campaigns were created using a variety of ad types to generate more leads and conversions. Not only that, Chamrun Digital has created chatbots as well as Messenger ads to enable users who are interested in Komune Living services to ask detailed questions.

Recently, Chamrun Digital has signed a new project with UOA Hospitality for Komune Living and Wellness in Cheras that promotes ideal and unique community-styled accommodation for independent seniors. Chamrun Digital will continue using proven digital marketing campaigns to promote Komune Living and Wellness services and facilities.

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