What is Wireframing ?

Wireframing is a method of designing a website service on a systemic level. A wireframe is widely used to arrange features and information on a website while taking user wants and user flows into consideration. Initially, in the development process, wireframes are used to build the fundamental framework of a webpage before enhancing the aesthetic look and feel.

A wireframe is a web page layout that shows what interface components will be present on important pages. It is an essential component of the interface design process.

A wireframe’s purpose is to offer a visual overview of page phases of a project in order to gain customer and project team agreement before the creative process begins. Wireframes may also be used to construct global and secondary navigation to verify that the site’s vocabulary and structure fit user expectations.

Some of our sample works

A wireframe is far more adaptable than a concept design

In a wireframe model, it is easier and less expensive to evaluate and modify the layout of the essential pages. Consecutive iterations of the wireframes to a final draft will give the client and design team confidence that the page is meeting user demands while also meeting important business and project objectives.

Wireframing occurs early in the project's lifespan

Wireframes are frequently used to finish the User-Centered Design process, but they are also utilized from the start of the design phase. A prototype usability test is frequently a test of the wireframe pages to offer user input before the creative phase begins.

In phases of the project, wireframes must be utilized to acquire users and customer permission for the design of essential sections and navigation. It will give the project team, particularly the creatives, encouragement to proceed. Wireframes will help save money and effort throughout the testing and amendments phase of the project. All through the post, Chamrun Digital will provide a few samples of work we’ve done for Malaysian clients.

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