Strategies to Boost Online Market in Southeast Asia (Malaysia) for the New Year

Although it may seem hasty to make New Year’s resolutions, there’s really one pledge that all companies could perhaps end up making. Before it becomes too late, businesses must think as your consumers and prepare better for the year-end purchasing binge.

Southeast Asians spent 78 % more on Facebook in the fourth quarter of 2016 than they did the majority of each year. Getting people’s attention and catching them to act quickly is more imperative than ever.On these are five critical findings on how consumers purchased at the end of last year’s year just to assist your business successfully reach your target market.

1. Smartphone is the end-of-year shopping cart

Throughout Southeast Asia, we recognize that smartphones are the new primary screen. It was also the gadget of preference when it pertained to shopping. Between October and December of last year, 64 percent of online transactions made through Facebook in the region were made on smartphones, with young consumers topping the list: Youngsters made two-thirds of these expenditures.

2. The first one to catch the apple gets the apple

Shoppers begin their journey early. Online transactions through Facebook in Southeast Asia were higher above the annual norm as early as October. And companies who created their brands ahead of peak buying seasons are frequently the winners. Strong brand efforts have affected conversion outcomes for Lazada, Shopee, and Tesco Lotus among others.

3. Engage in discussion

Conversations with friends, discussing the greatest things, and even engaging with businesses are all common parts of the purchasing process. Last year, Indonesians began to publish more about buying on Facebook as early as the week of October 23. Around Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia, this begins in mid-November. In Southeast Asia, bargain hunting Facebook postings peak in December, sometimes as late as the week before Christmas in Thailand and Malaysia.

4. Hurry towards the end of the year

Online retailers must prepare for an increase in Facebook purchases in November and December, the busiest shopping months of the year. When compared to the annual average, internet transactions through Facebook were 60% higher in November and 53% higher in December in 2016. Day to notice for companies was December 12, with 133 percent higher internet purchases than the yearly average.

5. January is not to be overlooked

The online shopping season does not end in December. As the holiday season continues into the new year, businesses have the chance to offer additional products that compliment the ones consumers have purchased or received as presents. Online transactions through Facebook were 42 percent higher in January 2017 than in 2016.

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