Instagram Ads in Malaysia

ChamRun Digital, being among the leading digital marketing companies in Malaysia, develops various types of Instagram Ads to reach your audience and execute your marketing campaigns.

Instagram offers a wide range of marketing methods, along with:

Ads with images

Businesses may utilise picture advertising to promote their brand, goods, and services by using single images. Image advertising works well for campaigns that have engaging visual information that can be presented in a single image. These photos may be generated using elevated photography, as well as design and art. Text may also be added to photographs. Instagram, on the other hand, advocates reducing overlay writing as often as feasible for the best effects.

Advertisements on video

Video advertisements on Instagram, like picture ads, enable companies to offer viewers a deep insight at their brand, products, and services. In-feed video advertisements can last up to 60 minutes, although shorter ones are generally more successful. More recommended practises for developing Instagram video advertising may be found here.

Carousel advertisements

Users can flick through a sequence of pictures or videos in carousel advertising. They may show in-feed and then within Instagram Stories, with a call-to-action icon or a swipe up link that directs viewers to your site.

Collection advertisements

Collection advertising is a hybrid of carousel ads and shopping ads. Collection advertisements include goods from your catalogue. Collection advertisements are ideal for ecommerce firms since they enable visitors to buy things immediately from the ad. When a person clicks on the ad, they are sent to an Instagram Instant Experience Storefront in which they can discover as much about the goods and buy it.

Investigate advertisements

Explore advertisements appear on the Explore tab, a section of the site where users may discover fresh content and profiles based on their Instagram usage patterns. More than half of Instagram users visit Explore at least once a month, making it an excellent way to obtain visibility. Instagram Explore advertising does not display in the Explore grid or topic channels, but rather appear when a user clicks on an Explore photo or video. Because the material in users’ Explore tabs changes all the time, Explore advertisements enable companies to be displayed alongside culturally relevant and trendy information.

IGTV advertisements

IGTV ads are video advertisements that appear after a user has clicked on an IGTV video in their feed. Videos can indeed be up to 15 seconds long and therefore should be tailored for generation viewing (more IGTV ad specs). They are displayed midroll (in the middle of the video), with the choice to skip. IGTV advertising is presently available to consumers with Instagram Creator profiles in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia, with additional countries on the way. Creators can choose to have adverts appear in their IGTV videos and get 55% of the advertising money produced by each watch.

Advertisements for shopping

Considering 130 million monthly users clicking on shopping posts, it’s no surprise that Instagram’s ecommerce tools have improved dramatically in the previous two years. Users can now see and purchase things without ever leaving Instagram thanks to the app’s new Shopping functionality (limited to businesses with Instagram Checkout enabled). Users are sent to a product description page within the Instagram app when they click on an Instagram Shopping ad. They may then make a purchase on your mobile site. You must first create an Instagram Shopping catalogue in order to run Shopping advertising.

Advertisements on reels

Instagram has unveiled the opportunity to advertise inside Reels, following the successful introduction of the app. Advertisements appear between Reels and are comparable to Stories ads (full-screen vertical films) in that they can last up to 30 seconds. Being well with organic Reels, they should contain sound or music.

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