Optimal Landing Page Techniques

Numerous landing page best practices that have been honed through time are often included on a landing page that captures the customer’s attention and leaves a lasting impression. Despite minor variances between desktop and mobile best practices, landing pages with particular components often have greater conversion rates. Several of these recommended practices for landing pages are covered.

Maintain the headlines, core message, and call to action above the fold

The phrase “above the fold” refers to the traditional newspaper practice of placing the most significant headlines and news in the upper half of the first page. The area of the screen that a user can see without scrolling down is known as this in the context of digital marketing.There is a considerable likelihood that a user will scan the landing page in its entirety when they first arrive, rather than scrolling down to read more. To increase the likelihood of a conversion, keep the headlines, the primary message, and the call-to-action (CTA) above the fold. The title must be clear, succinct, and feature the primary keyword for SEO reasons.

Use only one call to action (CTA)

Every landing page needs to be tailored to achieve just one objective. It can include downloading an eBook, signing up for a free trial, entering a contest, or registering for a webinar. Place one CTA button above the fold since placing many CTAs or connections to other sites would divert the reader from the main objective.

If necessary, reiterate the call to action (CTA)

Users on desktops and mobile devices don’t want to have to scroll up again to get the CTA after having to scroll down to read the landing page material. Placing an exact copy of the CTA in the lower portion of the page can help you keep the potential customer’s attention.

Design of CTA buttons

The look and feel of the call to action (CTA) button should persuade the viewer to take action. It must be sized properly and coloured differently from the backdrop of the landing page. Repetition of a CTA on the landing page requires that it be an identical duplicate of the CTA above the fold.

Focus on providing social proof

A persuasive strategy that works well is the fear of losing out. To increase the conversion rate of your landing pages, include customer testimonials and reviews. Users gain confidence and credibility in your brand when they discover how much other clients and companies respect your goods.

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