It's All About Advertising

We are almost at the end of 2022 , sadly most of us still don’t know how to incorporate advertising to their business. So in this article basically , we will go through what advertising and how it can benefit all businesses.

What is Advertising ?

Advertising is the form of an organization promoting their product or service to the targeted audiences , whether it’s for B2B or B2C.Bare in mind that B2B is the shorthand for business to business whereas it focuses on the products and services of the business being marketed to other businesses. Whereas for B2C the final customer is the consumer.

Benefits of Advertising
Build customer awareness of your business and brand

The purpose of advertising is generally to market your brand or to establish your product or services worldwide. Assume that you own a ‘baju kurung’  boutique and all the clothes in your store are designed by you. So how are you going to market it to the audiences ? With the help of advertising you can always do that. Either you can have one and only account in social media such as Tiktok and you can record a video or a photoshoot for your products and upload it.As we all aware in order to get more and more views to your product it’s always good to post videos since good visual aids can easily attracts customers.

Increase customer reach

Have you all wondered how your post is getting more views even if you didn’t promote it ? So let’s get to know , assume that the video you’ve posted in Tiktok goes viral , gets more likes and views.The reason why it happened even without you paying any single cents. The more views or likes your video gets the more viral it goes. And apart from that selecting the appropriate keyword is also a key to success actually.

Increase sales and demand

When we’ve achieved the two elements which are good visual aids and video gets viral.There’s high chance of you can sell your products easily.The more the demand the more the sales will occur and of course more there revenue.

Can expand your business worldwide

Since your sales get higher you also can collaborate with many new organizations to expand your business.

So it’s really interesting right ? Do you want to get viral also ? contact Chamrun Digital now we’re very glad to promote your business.