Dr Hani awarded as the Inspiring Male Entrepreneurs: Digital Transformation in the SME and Entrepreneurs and Business Awards (SEBA)

Hard work always pays off, not immediately but over time. We would like to take this opportunity to applaud our Adj. Prof Dr Behrang (Hani) Parhizkar, CEO of Chamrun Interactive Sdn Bhd, for succeeding the Inspiring Male Entrepreneurs: Digital Transformation award. Thank you once more to the SME and Entrepreneurs and Business Awards (SEBA) organization.

Dr. Hani has served as a Digital Strategy Consultant for over 80 worldwide firms, governments, and private sectors, utilizing multi-channel digital marketing to expand businesses in many industries through the implementation of an interactive digital marketing multi-channel platform. 10 years of management experience in various IT software projects such as E-Learning, E-Commerce, CMS, LMS, and so on.

Having taught IT-related disciplines including software engineering, web applications, mobile apps, software maintenance, and software project management for more than five years. Seven years of research expertise in augmented reality, virtual reality, motion games, location-based applications, online portals, and e-commerce portals, with more than 40 publications in journals and conferences throughout the world. Over four years of expertise creating software for augmented reality, smart web and mobile portals, and more than 20 international awards. Three years of expertise in digital marketing for technology, including conversion rate optimization, email marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization.

Dr Hani used to say this to all our professionals “work hard and be kind that’s all” , with the great simplicity more and more success is coming all the way to you Dr Hani.

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