Dr Hani as a Digital Speaker

Digital technologies and marketing have become extensively used in a variety of businesses all across the globe.Digital marketing has helped businesses in a variety of sectors to build greater consumer information and much more efficiently generate and satisfy customers. This has resulted in a huge rise in existing customers and leading expansion in Malaysia. Isn’t it fascinating? However, many firms or corporations appear to be unaware of how digital marketing works. Based in Malaysia , with over 12 years of expertise in the field of digital marketing as a digital marketing professional, speaker, and so forth , it is a pleasure and privilege to praise Chamrun Interactive Sdn Bhd’s Founder and CEO Dr. Behrang (Hani) Parhizkar who was recently appointed as an Adjunct Professor by Unirazak Tun Abdulrazak Malaysia.
Dr. Hani has figured prominently as a Digital Strategy Consultant in Malaysia through over 200 worldwide firms, utilising multi-channel digital marketing to build businesses in many sectors by establishing an engaging marketing multi-channel platform.In Malaysia possessing more than 7 years of exploratory knowledge in augmented reality, virtual reality, motion games, and the location-based app, as well as 40 publications in international conferences and articles. Aside from that, Dr Hani has 4 years of expertise building software in augmented reality, intelligent online and mobile portals, smart campus management systems, smart E-Commerce portals, and other areas, and Dr Hani has received over 20 international awards. Despite this, Professor Hani has 5 years of teaching expertise in IT-related disciplines such as software engineering, web applications, mobile apps, software maintenance, and software project management.
Dr. Hani recently gave a talk on Content Marketing Strategies for B2B in the Timber Industry. Online marketing is essential to the achievement of any business. Businesses are always competing. As those rivals are businesses such as Walmart, Amazon, and Target, it feels challenging to excel. After all, they have significantly more resources and finances at their disposal.The aim of digital marketing is to fairness and equality for small and medium-sized firms. It enables your organisation to compete with multinationals as well as smaller businesses, even if your budget is limited. Numerous firms, for example, engage in search engine optimization (SEO) to assist raise their site’s ranking in search engine results. This is a method that both large and small businesses may use to generate and retain more valued traffic. Chamrun Digital is the finest choice for all national, international, multinational, and SMEs, with a 100% proven KPI reached and over 10,000 effective campaigns performed across 30 countries.

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