Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing in Malaysia

We all seem to be familiar that marketing patterns in today’s period are evolving at a rapid rate, and that the industry has shifted away from traditional marketing and toward digital marketing. Marketers have switched to digital platforms for advertising their businesses since digital marketing platforms such as e-commerce websites, Google advertisements, emails, and other similar platforms are being used more regularly and are accessible to the largest possible audience. Rather than focusing their marketing efforts and resources only on traditional marketing methods, marketers/businesses and organizations are increasingly turning to digital marketing platforms to reach a larger number of targeted customers and increase revenue and profit for their brands.

Digital marketing is dynamic, while traditional marketing is rigid

In digital marketing, you may target a certain audience to whom you want to show the ad. At the same time, you may plan a minimal testing budget and still have enough resources for A/B testing. Even after the ad has gone live, you may adjust the ad wording, budget, audience, and so on. With contrast, in a typical marketing plan, you have no influence over your target audience.

With such a massive change in client attention to digital media, the internet advertising industry is going insane.

Because customers cannot submit messages to the brand, traditional marketing is a one-way communication channel. In contrast, digital marketing allows customers to communicate with brands by leaving comments on advertisements, making direct statements, or reacting to chatbots.

In conventional marketing, audience targeting is standardized, however in digital marketing, it may be individualized

Traditional marketing is more expensive, and it is impossible to assess outcomes because you never know who will see your ad. You might, however, run many kinds of advertising in digital marketing and test them on your consumer persona to determine the exact audience and ad wording that would provide the best return on investment.

Regarding business operations and lead generation, many local firms still rely on traditional marketing. However, the growing influence of online advertising and the ability to measure roi make it a superior alternative.

If your audience responded with your ad but did not take the desired action, you may re-target them. Traditional marketing does not capitalize on such possibilities. With growing competition and algorithmic twerks, digital marketing may be unpleasant and perplexing at times. However, with the advantages outweighing the disadvantages, any firm would be wise to invest in an SEO agency and digital marketing to capitalize on the power of globalization and digitalization.

Traditional marketing is ineffective and pricey, whereas digital marketing is both effective and inexpensive

Traditional marketing is less effective due to the lack of features such as selecting the demographic to target or interacting with them with a customized message at the chosen time. As a result, many marketers think that digital marketing outperforms traditional marketing due to its greater efficacy with regard to return on advertising budget and enhanced personalization.

Traditional and digital media are both competitive, as most firms want to communicate with their target audiences. Personalization becomes the distinguishing element in such a competitive environment. As a consequence, tailored commercials are at least 50% more effective than non-personalized advertisements. And, with digital marketing, you have total control over personalisation.

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