Chamrun Interactive Won Digital Business Services Award at the Malaysian Technology Excellence Awards 2022

In this digital age, technological proficiency and breakthroughs set companies apart. Marketing has moved towards the digital platform where brands and companies could directly connect with their consumers online. To do so, companies need comprehensive digital marketing strategies to boost their brand awareness and increase their revenue.

Chamrun Interactive Sdn Bhd has introduced a holistic digital marketing platform which has generated over RM600m for clients, from several industries such as higher educational institutions, hospitality, eCommerce, and SMEs. Among the services offered by Chamrun Interactive Sdn Bhd are Digital Marketing strategies, Digital Transformation, Digital Government, Advanced Google Ads, Content Marketing, Analytics, Marketing Automation, Sales Funnel, as well as Web-based & Software development.

Digital – Business Services Award at the Malaysian Technology Excellence Awards 2022

Recently, Chamrun Interactive won the Digital Business Services Award at the Malaysian Technology Excellence Awards 2022. The award was given to companies who have made significant contributions towards the Malaysian economy.

With 10 years of experience in digital marketing and clients from 10 different countries, Chamrun Interactive has made over RM600m in revenue from over 200,000 nurtured leads in 3 years of digital marketing and 40,000 social media and Google campaigns.

Chamrun Interactive makes result-driven digital marketing considerably easier for clients by having a national and international team of experts in all areas of digital transformation and software development.

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