Chamrun Digital Provides An E-Learning Platform For MyBuahPinggang That Has Been Launched By Ministry of Health

Chamrun Digital has been working with MyBuahPinggang, a platform designed to provide comprehensive knowledge about kidney health to kidney disease patients and their caregivers. The platform is helping over 40,000 dialysis patients all over Malaysia who are suffering from kidney diseases.

Chamrun Digital has provided an E-learning platform through ChamLearn to provide education for dialysis patients in Malaysia in an online education programme called ‘Pre-Dialysis Education Programme (PDEP). Chamrun Digital has provided full features of online and social learning, and also video conferencing.

Images captured during the Launch of Duta Ginjal & Program Pendidikan Pra – Dialisis on 26th of March 2022

The E-learning platform was launched by the Minister of Health, YB Khairy Jamaluddin on 26th March 2022.  During the event, YB Khairy Jamaluddin reiterated his commitment to helping CKD patients and their caregivers through this initiative.

“Today, through the MYBuahPinggang platform, a special module has been developed by a group of physicians, especially for stage 4 and 5 CKD patients to obtain important information thus helping them with the treatment they receive, allowing them to survive their battle against this disease,” he said.

“With this Pre-Dialysis Education Programme as well as the MYBuahPinggang website and Facebook, it is hoped that the level of understanding for patients and their family members can be improved and it will encourage them to make earlier decisions about treatment options for CKD.”

With the support from the Ministry of Health, we hope this initiative will achieve its purpose in helping to educate kidney disease patients and their caregivers.

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