Chamrun Digital Is Working Closely With PERKESO To MyFutureJob, ReturnToWork and Bajet 2022 via Digital Marketing Plan

Chamrun Digital, an International Digital Marketing agency in Malaysia and Australia, has been appointed to run MyFutureJobs digital campaign for PERKESO. MyFutureJobs is an Employment Insurance System (EIS) established under PERKESO Malaysia.

There are 3 programmes that are currently offered by MyFutureJobs, which are Penjana Kerjaya 3.0, KerjayaGig, and SIP Prihatin 2.0. Penjana Kerjaya. 3.0 is an incentive for employers and newly hired employees. Meanwhile, KerjayaGig is an incentive for individuals who are engaged in short-term employment opportunities. SIP Prihatin 2.0 is a financial aid given to job seekers affected by the pandemic crisis, unemployed graduates as well as school leavers seeking new employment opportunities.

Chamrun Digital has provided digital marketing services such as website development and landing page creation to better assist visitors to MyFutureJobs and PERKESO online sites. In 2022, Chamrun Digital will continue to serve as a digital marketing agency in Malaysia for PERKESO to work further on ‘Bajet 2022’ and provide the best service that promises high ROIs.

Chamrun Digital plays an important role in driving targeted audiences through multiple marketing platforms with proven digital marketing strategies to ensure clients receive high ROIs. Established in 2015, Chamrun Digital, a digital marketing agency in Malaysia, now has served over 100 national and international companies from all over the world, executed over 20,000 campaigns, and generated over RM400M revenue for clients.

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